Oahu, A Visual Tour

Sometimes the best words are pictures. I’m not a photographer and I envy those who can tell stories with images. But there are so many beautiful places on the Hawai’ian islands I want to share some of my favourites. Rather than a photography showcase, think of this as a scrapbook of memories and special places:

Kailua, despite being on the east side of the island, has some of the most dramatic sunsets. The colours blush in shades of apricot, coral and tangerine.20170518_164636
The aquamarine water of Eternity Beach usually hosts a turtle or two.

Try to be like the turtle, at ease in your own shell
-Bill Copeland

20170806_120607I call this “Sun behind Palm.” Just kidding. I just thought it was a cool shot. Sitting on a beach, or in a hammock looking up at the palm leaves rustle in a steady ocean breeze is about the most “island” thing one can do. It represents the ultimate wind-down, deep-breath, sink-in time to justĀ be. Warm sun on my face and my toes buried in the sand isn’t just a way to vacation. It’s a way to slow everything down. My body and my mind. It’s hard to stress about bills, worry over deadlines or relationship drama in a reclined chaise listening to surging waves.20171209_121134On top of Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat) looking back to Kualoa Ranch. Close enough to kayak or even swim, the view from the top is a 360 degree work of art.
20180211_174534Paradise Cove Luau sunset casting. The best luaus don’t just highlight cuisine, but activities and traditions.
20170923_102601Kaneohe Bay. We paddled out past the anchored boats right to the middle of the Sandbar.
Coming back from a whale watching boat tour off Ala Moana Beach Park we caught this sunset at the Kewalo Basin Harbor. No filters, no enhancements. The colours really are that dramatic. We meandered along the dock until the sun submerged into the sea.

Mokes Rainbow-EFFECTS (1)Colours don’t always come in the form of sunsets; Hawai’ian rainbows are legendary.
20180629_083625And seastars aren’t always underwater.

Heavens and sea meet in a cross section of blue. A horizontal band of blue lapis forms the division of open ocean and unending sky. It’s easy to imagine why the early explorers thought the world was flat. From this persepective there seems to be an abrupt end of the world. Three views from Lanikai Beach and Makua Beach.

Rain clouds aren’t always a bad thing on Oahu. Dark skies contrast teal waters and make for dramatic views.
20180629_193952The Honolulu skyline at dusk.
20180703_171951One of my favourite things to watch are waves crashing against each other . . .
. . . or onto the rocky shore.

MW Falls4
Photo courtesy Mariah Coulston Creativity in Simplicity

Even with all the visual drama and breathtaking views, the smallest find is something to be treasured. Nothing is too insignificant to be overlooked on this beautiful island.